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Site in German language which offers extensive information on all generations of the Fiesta, in particular many documents on repairs and tuning.






http://www.ford-fiesta-club.de (formerly Fiesta Owners Club Germany)
An den Höfen 6a, D-53721 Siegburg. Tel 02241-384616, Fax 02241-28597.
Established 1989, appointed umbrella organization by Ford Germany.

Finnish site (English language) about the Fiesta Mk. I including pictures and information on a Fiesta built in May 1976. (Worldwide production started on 11.05.1976!)

International Ford Network
Inofficial portal for all sites concerned with Ford.

Private Homepage by Stefan Klausmeyer.

Ford Fiesta (USA)
Gilligans Homepage for the (US) Fiesta.

Ford Oldtimer und Motorsport Club Cologne e.V. (FOMCC)
Emil-Nolde-Str. 5, 50170 D-Kerpen. Tel 02273-53948.
As you can gueß from the name...

Fiesta Mk. 1
Polish site on the Fiesta, languages: Polish/English.

The Fiesta in Rußia
Rußian page on the Fiesta, Rußian only.

DIY Fiesta - Mods for Mk Is
English site about maintenance and restoration of the Fiesta I.

Virtuelles Ford Museum
Virtual Ford museum (under construction) by Ralf Kolb.

Norwich Fiesta-Centre
Dealer and workshop specialised on Fiestas of all ages. The Norwich Fiesta-Centre also developed some upgrade kits (5-speed transmißion and CVH engine for Fiesta Is).

Old Cars and Parts Shop
Dealer specialised on parts for older Fords including Fiesta I and II.

Publishers specialised on literature on claßic and contemporary automobiles.

Editions du Palmier
French publishers offering a large number of French/English books on Ford automobiles.

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