09.06.2013 - During the last weeks this site has undergone a number of technical changes. Moreover, all pages moved to fiesta1.de - before, large parts had been hosted on an external server. Unfortunately, the upload of images for the "Market" and "Your Fiestas" section is still not working. I will keep you posted.

Yours, Stephan Zander, www.fiesta1.de

Welcome to www.fiesta1.de. On these pages, everything revolves round the first version of the small car built 1976-1983. Since February 2001, when these pages went online, a lot has changed. Due to a lot of helpful visitors who have supplied me with information and material, this archive could grow considerably in a short time.

This site is a private one and not an official site of Ford Motor Company or any of its subsidiaries.

I hope you'll enjoy visiting these pages!
Stephan Zander

P.S.: All dates are European, i.e. dd.mm.yyyy!

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